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Making Chocolate
is Creating Realities

We first experienced the chocolate culture after living in South America and practicing with homemade chocolate. Nowadays we evolved to a lab in Greece where we focus on a bean to bar organic chocolate production with fair trade cacao from all over the world.

1 – Choose a friend and get some beans

2 – Bean examination reveals the type of roasting

3 – Imagine a recipe is like writing a story…

4 – The chocolate grinder goes on for 96 hours

5 – Dive in the magic process called “Tempering”

6 – Maintain the spirit of cacao in every single bar

Making Chocolate

Our journey starts with the careful selection and study of raw cacao beans in order to define the type of roasting, a process which releases the aromas and taste of each bean. Then, imagine, a recipe is like writing a story… Once the alchemy of the formula is developed, then the granite wheels of the chocolate conch go on for 96 hours. After that, comes the magic process called “Tempering” which forms the final texture. Every chocolate bar creates a special experience and is treated individually to preserve the energy of cacao. Ultimately the bars are hand-packed and sealed in order to maintain the taste. All of our chocolates are covered with a recyclable paper and placed into a biodegradable bag made from wood pulp to show respect to mother nature.


Many ancient tribes used cacao since the prehistoric times.
A huge variety of cacao trees are growing in the tropical area of Peru creating a smooth milky taste with a great range of earthy flavors

Organic Certified Products

Tropical Glacier

cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, cardamom*, vanilla powder* chili*, cinnamon*. Cocoa 77% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Vanilla Orchid

cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, vanilla powder*. Cocoa 70% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Pure Temptation

cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*. Cocoa 70% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Wise Palm

cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, coconut flakes*. Cocoa 55% min.*

*Product of organic farming


Guatemala is the mother land of Mayas, it is where the first chocolate drink was served by priests and wizards during rituals. The cacao of these magical fields will guide you through the mysterious journey of the ancient cosmic travelers.

Organic Certified Products

Volcano Blast

cocoa nibs*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, chili*. Cocoa 75% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Pure Temptation

cocoa nibs*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar* Cocoa 75% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Galactic Dance

cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, coffee beans, vanilla powder* chili*, cinnamon*. Cocoa 62% min.*

*Product of organic farming

Raw Materials

Cacao Beans

Ideal Snack with high levels of Magnesium rich in vitamins and plenty of minerals. Raw Cacao bean shells have also many properties such as diuretic, liver detoxification and antioxidant effects.

Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder rich in cacao butter (20-22%) can be used to make any chocolate drink and a variety of pastry creations.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener derived from the unopened blossom of the coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera). Its taste is similar to brown sugar, but with distinctive notes of caramel. There is evidence which indicates that coconut sugar was used even in Paleolithic times.

Cacao Nibs

A superfood additive to your breakfast with notes of chocolate.Cacao nibs give the opportunity to taste
the different flavors and aromas of each bean.





Creating Realities
Cacao timeline

Time 0
Cacao Arrival

Once upon a time the Cacao tree was growing in the garden of the gods. A generous god decided to steal the Cacao and plant it on earth to share this gift with the humans. Even the botanical name given to the Cacao tree is “Theobroma Cacao” meaning the “food of gods” in ancient Greek.

Time 1
Cacao uses from the Natives

The energy of Cacao was always represented as the element of fire and the power of creation for the tribes that were making Cacao ceremonies. Also the natives were extracting the Cacao butter for medical and cosmetic uses. Cacao has played an important role throughout history and across cultures. It was central to the economic, cultural, social, medicinal, artistic, and most significantly, to the ritual life of Mesoamerica.

Time 2
Beginning of Chocolate

Originally chocolate was made by removing the beans from cacao fruits, using a technique of fermenting , drying , roasting and grounding the beans and then adding water to make the liquid xocolātl (chocolatl) “bitter water”.Chocolate drinks then evolved with the addition of chilli , vanilla, corn, achiote and other ingredients. Each tribe had a unique recipe that was used mostly from priests.

Time 3
Conquer of Cacao

When European conquerors arrived in America, besides other genocides, they destroyed every part of the Native’s Cacao culture. Soon they added cane sugar to the bitter Cacao drink. They made huge plantations using slaves and started to export cacao in Europe. In the 18th century huge amounts of cacao were traveling to Europe where high class families were enjoying the cacao drink which became a famous elegant drink.

Time 4
1st Chocolate bar

In 1828, the first cacao press that removed the cacao butter was created . In 1847, in Bristol, England the 1st solid chocolate bar was made. In 1879 the conching machine was invented, improving the texture and taste of chocolate.

Time 5
True Chocolate Generation

Nowadays, as the chocolate production equipment has improved and the kakau worshipers are searching for the finest chocolate experience, we created Kakau Worship family with the purpose to spread high quality chocolate inspired by ancient recipes.

Kakau Fair Trade Philosophy

The majority of the decisions we take in life are a matter of choice. On the other hand, some people are excluded from this privilege. Our duty is to maintain pure the chocolate route which starts from the tree and ends in the hand of every chocolate lover. We always follow the path which guides us to the farms where the cacao is produced under fair trade conditions for the workers and the owners of the land. Kakau Worship is our way to support equality.

Kakau Worship family

Kakau Worship family is created after many years of friendship. We studied the chocolate culture while living in Latin America(Mexico, Guatemala, Peru) and practicing with homemade chocolate. For us the contact with Cacao, a divine fruit gifted from gods is a blessing. Organic materials and positive vibes are making quality chocolate universal. Kakau chocolates produced in the Kakau Temple is our link to the ancient Cacao wizards.